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Welcome to GRIT Pilates and Yoga, the premier destination for pilates in Grand Rapids. We invite you to experience the transformative power of pilates and discover the numerous benefits it can bring to your body and mind. Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Join us at GRIT and unlock your full potential with our specialized pilates workouts.

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Discover the amazing benefits of the Reformer in our Reformer Essentials class! This class is designed to introduce you to the six principles of Pilates: Centering, Flow, Breath, Control, Concentration and Precision. Through a series of exercises on the Reformer you'll engage your core, enhance body awareness, improve strength, flexibility, posture, and achieve a balanced and aligned body. You will be guided through each movement, with emphasis on proper form and technique. This class is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and well being. Join us and experience the transformative power of the Reformer!

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Experience the ultimate in personalized fitness with our Private Reformer Sessions. In these sessions, you will receive undivided attention and will be taken through a series of exercises focusing on your unique needs and goals. These classes will improve your core strength, flexibility, posture, mind-body connection, and both mental and muscular endurance. With the added benefit of one-on-one instruction, you will receive personalized feedback and adjustments to ensure proper form and maximize your results. Discover the transformative power of the Reformer!

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Discover the foundations of reformer training in this beginner-level class. Learn proper form, breathing techniques, and how to use the reformer to increase your core strength, flexibility, and mental and muscular endurance. Suitable for all fitness levels, this is a great starting point for anyone looking to build a strong Reformer foundation. Experience improved body alignment, increased body awareness, and increases in your overall strength and fitness.



Adding the Jump-board to the reformer is a great way to have a FUN and Very Effective workout! This class is designed to provide a full-body workout by incorporating cardio exercises with other essential reformer exercises. By adding cardio exercises, you'll not only strengthen your muscles but also improve your cardio fitness. The jump board adds a dynamic element to our reformer classes, allowing for increased intensity and calorie burning. You will be guided through a series of exercises that will challenge your core, improve your flexibility, and boost your overall fitness level. Get ready to JUMP into an exciting Reformer experience!



This class is a perfect blend of our essential reformer class and strength training techniques to bring your athletic performance to the NEXT level. Through a series of dynamic movements using the reformer, you will focus on building core strength, flexibility, mental and physical endurance, and overall body conditioning. Whether you are a serious athlete or simply enjoy staying active and playing pickleball with your friends, our athletic reformer class will enhance All of your athletic abilities while reducing your risk of injury. Join us for an intense workout that will leave you feeling strong, balanced, and ready to take on any challenge.

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If you are short on time but still looking to get in a great workout, a Get Lit Reformer class might be the perfect fit for you. These classes are designed to maximize your workout in a shorter amount of time, making them ideal for those with busy schedules. Grit Reformer classes incorporate exercises that focus on improving core strength, flexibility, and overall strength. The reformer adds resistance to your movements, intensifying your workout and targeting specific muscle groups. Attending a Get Lit reformer class can be a convenient way to squeeze in a workout during your break, allowing you to return to your day feeling rejuvenated and energized.

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