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Our GRIT yoga and pilates studio in Grand Rapids, MI, can help you achieve the effective full-body workout you’re looking for. The Jumpboard Reformer class from our studio is a high-energy class that combines cardio exercises with essential reformer basics to provide a dynamic and challenging workout that will have you breaking a sweat and feeling accomplished. Learn more and register for all our Pilates classes with reformers now!

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What to Expect from Jumpboard Reformer

Jumpboard Reformer Pilates is designed to give you a comprehensive workout that targets both your muscles and cardio fitness. By incorporating cardio exercises into the traditional reformer pilates routine, you'll not only strengthen and tone your muscles but also improve your cardiovascular endurance.

With the addition of the jump board —a padded board installed at the end of the reformer machine that you push or “jump” off of — this class takes your workout to a whole new level. As you jump and rebound on the board, your entire body is engaged.

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Key Benefits of this Pilates Class With Reformer

During a Jumpboard Reformer Pilates class, you'll be guided through a series of exercises that target various muscle groups. From leg presses to lunges, you'll feel your muscles working hard as you perform each movement. The constant resistance provided by the reformer, combined with the added challenge of the jumpboard, will help you build strength, tone your body, and improve your overall stability.

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Skill Level Recommendations for Jumpboard Reformer

Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back! Jump into the exciting world of Jumpboard Reformer beginner pilates for men and women and experience a workout like no other. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience with Pilates, this class is accessible to participants of all fitness levels.

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